Build Up Your Credit Status with Quality Guidance

We operate a finance counseling business.  Much of our service is aimed at giving people and families advice and suggestions on how to cope with bills and expenses.  And nearly half of our advice focuses upon telling people how to manage credit card debt.  For some reason, no matter how much they hear it, folks still tend to operate as if a piece of plastic is a license to spend as if they have an unlimited source of money coming in.  At the same time, we can often take pride in having helped some folks manage to not just get their debts in order but to smartly manage their funds.


Our most recent customer was a couple who had managed to not just get out of debt, and to qualify for a loan they used to refurbish their home.  They did the improvement to give the wife needed additional closet space to properly store her clothes and shoes.  Fortunately, she got many of her classiest and most stylish wardrobe items from New York and Company, taking advantage of significant discounts of $25 and $50 off on items purchased with  Groupon promo codes.  Of course, she wasted no time taking advantage of these and other deals currently offered in her effort to substantially expand her wardrobe for the upcoming fall season.  He was accustomed to her classy wardrobe and stylish appearance, but things had become so cramped he was forced to store his suits in a closet in a separate room.

The solution they agreed upon was to expand the master bedroom suite of their home by adding a larger walk-in closet.  This increased the amount of space, but required a contractor perform substantial structural modifications to the home.  She was enthralled with the idea of having a master suite closet with enough space for both of their wardrobes, plus shoe storage.  And she eagerly agreed to the project.  We were happy to assist them in getting the home improvement loan, since they’d managed to get their finance situation in order.  However, we advised them to keep a close record of the money spent on this project, since the significant savings achievable by using Groupon coupons for discounts and savings might be too tempting.